Part 1. What is Snaptube Online Video Downloader?

You might be curious about what is Snaptube Online Downloader. What can it do for you?
Snaptube Online Video Downloader is a powerful online solution, created to help people to easily download online videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and so on. When you meet a video you really want to download, but there is no download button on the page, Snaptube Video Downloader might be helpful for you.
With it, you can download any online video you want from any site without any limitation. What's more, you don't have to download software or app on your device, you just need to add Snaptube Online Video Downloader website to your list of favorite pages. Then, you can open the website at any time and anywhere when you need it.

Snaptube Online Downloader


Part 1-1. Features of Snaptube Online Video Downloader

Snaptube Online Downloader also has many highlighted features worth mentioning.

#100% Free to Use
There are billions of online solution on the internet, but most of them just offer very basic download services to users. People have to pay for further services, for example, you need to pay for their membership before downloading a 720p video. However, you can easily download 720p, 1080p videos offline for free with Snaptube Online Video Downloader. No charge is required.

#Easy & Simple Download Process
Compared with the complicated download process, it's obvious that the easy and simple download process is the best. That's Snaptube Online Video Downloader. No complicated steps are required. The simplified tutorial can be: Copy the video link. > Paste the video link on Snaptube Online Video Downloader. > Choose output format and quality. > Download the video. It's very easy to make it.

#Multi-functional Online Downloader
Snaptube Online Downloader supports not only downloading videos but also downloading music. It has the ability to grab the audio file from the video. If you want to download any song, Snaptube Online Video Downloader is your best choice either.

#Unlimited Videos and Music Downloads
Some online downloader will limit the number of downloading video per day, but for Snaptube Online Video Downloader, you don't need to worry. Whether it's 10 or 1000 video downloads, Snaptube Online Video Downloader still supports you to download.


Download YouTube Videos on Snaptube


#Various Formats and Quality Supported
Snaptube Online Downloader tries to meet all users' needs, so it has provided many different output formats and quality for users to choose. Supported video formats like MP4, 3GP, WEBM and video quality - 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2K, 4K, 8k; Supported audio format like MP3, M4A, WEBM and audio quality such as 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps.

Part 1-2. Is Snaptube Online Video Downloader Safe to Use?

Of course, yes. Snaptube Online Video Downloader is absolutely safe and secure for you to use. Why? First of all, it's an online downloader, so no space will be taken up on your device. Moreover, it will not has the ability to collect your personal data and download history, so you don't need to worry about the disclosure of your personal data. Besides, Snaptube Online Video Downloader does not require a personal account to log in to access Snaptube Online Video Downloader website. Likewise, no malware or virus will slow your computer performance.
Therefore, what you worry about will not happen on Snaptube Online Downloader.

Part 1-3. How to Free Download Videos with Snaptube Online Video Downloader

As an online download, Snaptube Online Video Downloader is completely compatible with all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and so on. Tutorials for PC, Android, iPhone/iPad will be listed below.

Using Snaptube Online Video Downloader to Download Online Videos to MP4 for Free on PC

Now, get ready to follow the detailed tutorial below to easily get online videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion and so forth on PC.

STEP 1. Copy the Video URL
Play the online video you want to download. Then, copy its URL on the address bar. Or you can click on the share button to get the video URL.

STEP 2. Paste the Video URL on Snaptube Online Video Downloader
Then, you can directly navigate to Snaptube Online Video Downloader and paste the video link on the blank bar > click "START". Since Snaptube Online Downloader is well compatible with all browser, you can easily access it on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and so on.

STEP 3. Choose an Output Format and Quality
After that, Snaptube Online Video Downloader will automatically move the download page of your wanted video. In this step, you can choose your preferred output format and quality. An MP4 file in high quality is recommended.

STEP 4. Start Downloading Online Video
In this last step, you just need to simply click on the download button and wait for a while. Then, you can freely enjoy the video offline.


Free Download MP4 Videos in HD with Snaptube Online Video Downloader on Android

STEP 1. Get the video link and copy it.
STEP 2. Paste the video link on Snaptube Online Video Downloader website.
STEP 3. Pick up the best output format and quality for your downloaded video.
STEP 4. Tap the download button to continue downloading your wanted video.


Ultimate Solution to Save Video Offline with Snaptube Online Downloader on iPhone/iPad

First of all, you need to download a third-party app which has the built-in browser to access Snaptube Online Video Downloader.

STEP 1. Directly copy the video link from 2,000 video sites.
STEP 2. Go to Snaptube Online Video Downloader. > Paste the video link to it.
STEP 3. After tapping the "START" button, choose your favorite output format and quality.


Part 1-4. FAQs on Snaptube Online Downloader

To have a further understanding of Snaptube Online Video Downloader, several frequently asked questions are listed below.

1. Is Snaptube Online Video Downloader Free to Use?
Yes. All download services on Snaptube Online Video Downloader are totally free. It's free to download online videos to MP4 in HD on Snaptube Online Video Downloader.

2. Is It Any Snaptube Downloader App on Mobile Phones?
Yes. For someone prefers using downloader app, Snaptube APK is also offered to Android users. However, Snaptube app is only available to use on Android phone/ tablet. For iPhone/iPad users, you can directly use Snaptube Online Video Downloader website.

3. What kind of Output formats and Quality Does Snaptube Online Video Downloader Support?
Supported Video format: MP4, 3GP, WEBM
Supported Video quality: 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2K, 4K, 8k
Supported Audio format: MP3, M4A, WEBM
Supported Audio quality: 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps

4. Which websites does Snaptube Online Video Downloader support?
Snaptube Online Downloader supports all the popular video hosting sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitter, Tumblr, and other 2,000 sites.

That's all about Snaptube Online Video Downloader. If you prefer downloading an app or software on your device, Snaptube Downloader also offers an APK to download on Android.

Part 2. What is Snaptube Downloader APK?

Snaptube Downloader APK is a web-based and all-in-one application, providing video download and music download services for Android users to discover and explore the world through a wide range of video hosting sites. Since its first release on November 2014, it has gathered millions of fans around the world. The latest version of Snaptube Downloader APK is, which has solved some glitches and improved the running performance. If your Android device is not compatible with this version, you can try to download the old version of Snaptube APK.

Unlike the online downloader, Snaptube APK allows users to directly discover and watch videos classified into many categories on it. You can directly stream the online videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and other sites without downloading so many related apps on your phone.

Snaptube Downloader APK holds a small size which will not take up much space on your Android device. With Snaptube, you can place the bookmarks of your favorite sites so as to access it more convenient. Snaptube should be taken for consideration to download online video and audio on Android devices.


Snaptube APK for Android


Part 2-1. Features of Snaptube Downloader APK

Snaptube has attracted millions of users all over the world because of its awesome features.

Support Downloading Videos & Audio in Multiple Resolution
As a user-friendly APK, Snaptube has offered several output formats and quality for users to choose. Snaptube App supports to download audio to MP3 or M4V with 128k, and download videos to MP4 with output quality from 144P to 4K.

Personalize Preference Settings
All preference settings on Snaptube APK are completely based on your favorite. You can go the Settings to enable or disable several functions on it, for example, Picture and Picture Mode, Clipboard Link Identification, Music control bar and so on. There are many amazing functions on Snaptube APK waiting for you to explore.

Settings on Snaptube APK


Discover and Explore New Videos Easily
Snaptube APK enables users to stream online videos from over 20 video sites. You can directly access a video site like YouTube to get online videos on Snaptube APK. Moreover, you can search online videos with keywords on the search bar. What's more, the recommended video list will be generated by your last watched video. The Trending page will show you the hottest videos which you definitely don't want to miss.

Manage Downloaded Videos
Also, Snaptube Downloader APK allows you to manage your downloaded videos and music. Simply tap on the downward-pointing-arrow icon on the upper right corner to activate the downloaded file manager.

Other Amazing Features
  • Support Picture in Picture Mode.
  • Hold Massive high-quality media resources.
  • High-speed downloads.
  • Rip music files from videos.
  • Simultaneously download multiple videos or music files.
  • 100% safe and free to use.
  • No annoying virus bother.
  • Manual download speed.
  • Light package size & less RAM usage.
Snaptube APK for Android


Part 2-2. Is Snaptube Downloader APK Safe to Use?

Yes, Snaptube Downloader APK is 100% safe to use. Snaptube App offers the most professional video and music download services with powerful technical support from our talented team. Until now, Snaptube APK has been downloaded by a large number of people around the world. There was almost no negative comment.
Therefore, you can set your mind at ease on using Snaptube APK on your Android phone or tablet.


Part 2-3. How to Install Snaptube Downloader APK on Android?

So where can you download Snaptube APK online for free? First of all, Snaptube is not available on Google Play, but you can download it on the official website, APKPure, Uptodown or other application contribution platform.

Then, how to install Snaptube Downloader APK? If this is your first time to download Snaptube Downloader APK, please read the following contents before the installation.

If you're seeing the notice, saying "Install blocked", you can:
- Go to Settings > Security, and turn on Unknown sources, which enables you to install apps out of Google Play.
- After turn on Unknown sources, move to Downloads. Then you can click the downloaded Snaptube APK to install.
Install Snaptube APK for Android


Part 2-3. How to Download Videos with Snaptube Downloader APK

After installing Snaptube APK on your Android device, you can get ready to discover and explore new online videos on Snaptube app. Now, it's time to learn how to download videos and music on Snaptube APK.

STEP 1. Find Your Wanted Video
Snaptube APK allows you to directly access video hosting sites on it. Open the video site, and find the video you want to download. Or you can directly paste the video link on Snaptube's search bar, then, navigate to the video playing page.

STEP 2. Choose Your Output Format and Quality for Video/ Music
Then, you will see a download button at the lower right corner. Tap on it to activate the download page.
If you want to download videos, you can save video offline in 144p to 1080p with MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, AAC format.
If you want to download music, you can save an audio file in 70K to 160K with MP3 or M4A format.

STEP 3. Continue Downloading Video/ Music
After that, you can start to download your favorite video or music. Tap on your preferred output format and quality, Snaptube will automatically download.

Part 3. FAQs on Snaptube Downloader APK

1. Is Snaptube APK Free to Use?

Yes. All download services on Snaptube APK are totally free. If you want to remove the ads and get more premium features, you can join VIP Premium with $1.99 payment to get more powerful services.


2. What is Snaptube VIP Premium?

Snaptube VIP premium can remove all internal ads and banner ads in Snaptube APK. Moreover, it can unblock 2K and 4K video download services. What's more, lots of features will be developed. Only with $1.99, you can get a more powerful Snaptube Downloader.

3. Can I Download Snaptube App for iPhone, PC?

So sorry about that Snaptube only offers APK to download on Android phone/ tablet. This Snaptube APK will not be compatible with iPhone or PC. However, you can directly access this Snaptube Online Downloader to save your favorite video and music offline on iPhone and PC.

4. How to Download Videos More Quickly on Snaptube App?

If you want to download videos much quicker, you can:
Go to "Settings". > Tap "Download Speed Limit" > Drag the blue dot to the right.
Likewise, enabling the "Fast Download Mode" can reach the same result.

5. How to Change the File Saving Location?

Go to your profile.
- Tap on "Settings".
- Scroll down and tap "Download Path" to change the destination of the downloaded files.

That's all about Snaptube Online Downloader and Snaptube Downloader APK for Android. What are you waiting for? Let's get online videos with Snaptube easily.


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